We Have a Dream


We dream that one day, in the sweltering heat of the land, our fellow man may throw off the shackles of an uncomfortable and humid pair of jeans and embrace the liberation a pair of shorts can bring. 

We dream of shorts that make you truly free, not the kind that harass the knee. From the comfort of the couch to the depths of the ocean and all the way back. Anytime, Anywhere. (By ocean we mean your mate’s inflatable pool. Don’t try these bad boys in the Mariana Trench). 

We dream of shorts that do not yield to the oppression of stains and wrinkles. Stain them, fold them, you can never change them. 

We dream of shorts that help save the environment, yet don’t cost your life savings. Don’t worry, we know the struggle (our team shares the same Netflix account).

We dream of the shorts of tomorrow, but you can have them today, all thanks to a Golden Retriever. 

This is Andy, a Golden Retriever. He was born in Singapore on 24 Feb 2017, after his mother Valentine was rescued from a puppy mill operation. Since then, he was adopted by the U Family and his hobbies include chasing down almost anything, shredding tissue paper as well as affectionately wrestling with humans and other dogs. 
What do dogs have in common with shorts? More than you might think, actually. Man’s Best Friend, a term originally coined by Frederick The Great of Prussia in the 18th Century, represents the companionship between man and our furry friends. In the same way, shorts are an essential companion to a man. With their comfort and unbridled movement, they symbolise liberation, freedom and the nostalgia of a simpler time.
Here at Man’s Best Friend, we make shorts that will serve you well. Because at the end of the day, we realise that everyone needs a best friend.