Our Fabric


The technology behind our shorts is inspired by the waterproofing abilities of otters and some breeds of dogs. We took the concept from nature to create a fabric that repels liquids and dirt, keeping your shorts looking amazing all the time.

Now you will never wet your pants again. You'll have a peace of mind knowing your pants will stay dry all day.
Our high-quality fabric would stay with you through thick and thin, from casual outings with friends to intense workouts at the gym. Wherever you are, one pair of Man’s Best Friend is all you need.
It stretches both horizontally and vertically to deliver maximum comfort and durability throughout the day.
Wearing our pants would make you feel cool even in the hottest weather.
Worry about stained shorts no more as stains will fall right off, keeping you looking absolutely fabulous.
You never have to worry about those ugly wrinkles in your pants. It will look as if it had just been pressed all the time.