Our Design

We started the design based on two big ideas: short shorts for the everyday man and stain-free fabric to save you from the small accidents in life.
We wanted shorts that were simple and a staple to every man’s wardrobe, but we found it hard to find a flattering cut of shorts that fit well. That’s where we started to find a pair of shorts that was flattering for different body types. Stretchy waistbands were the way to go when it comes to fitting as many people as we could to complement different body types. The elastic waistband is also perfect for the active person on-the-go.
For the everyday man, we are put in many situations every day, so versatility was important in our design process. We put in gold buttons and belt loops to make the shorts look more put together. Throw on a belt, your whole look transforms and you’re ready for a date.
The colours that we have are simple and classic, solid colours that could be worn for any occasion. There has been stain-free items on the market, but we felt like there was a sore lack of white stain-free shorts, in which white stains the easiest. That’s why we started with white and expanded to other colours that everyone would wear like navy and khaki.
For a quirky little touch, fold up the fabric at the leg-hole. It was another element of versatility that we wanted to bring in. If you like more of a classic look, leave the leg-holes rolled down. If you’re in the mood to try something unique, roll them up and your entire look has changed again. This is something that we wanted to deliver to men because it was a way to express the quirky and funny side that each of us has through wearing our shorts.